Top Reasons to Invest in a Summit Franchise

Invest in a Summit Franchise

1. Established Brand

With over 20 years of exceptional growth across provincial lines and developing relationships with Government Agencies, Summit Property Group remains focused on expanding its network through national strength, local commitment, and the power of our Franchisee Partnership Network.

2. A Crisis-Resistant Business Model

With Summit being the ‘One Stop Shop’ for its clients, this allows franchisees to offer a variety of services all year round to their clients. The Summit Property Group system offers a variety of facility maintenance services that are always in need in any economic conditions, leading to long-term and repeat contracts. 

3. Multiple Services Offerings

Summit takes pride in offering everything their clients need in means of Facility Management. Landscape, Snow and Ice, Janitorial, Building Maintenance, Handyman, are some of the focuses giving an array of ways to break into the market making it easier to ease into each facet as your business grows.

4. More Territory Availability

Summit is expanding nationally, giving new franchises more availability for the territories they would prefer. If you are in an area without a Summit office, our franchise opportunities give you a higher chance to be the first in your market. 

5. Breaking into a Niche Market

Summit Property’s franchise opportunities helping franchises develop to the point where they can successfully bid for Government and Municipal tenders for facility management and property maintenance. Being able to acquire larger, and longer running contracts focusing in Municipal, Government, and larger Commercial properties is one of the key factors to Summit Property Groups’ continuous success. 

6. You Have the Systems and Processes

Having a franchise gives you access to guidance on how to make your business successful. You will be given insight on best practices that have been successful and advice on how to handle issues when they arise. You are also given the support on the technical side of the business regarding software, health and safety, and internal systems. 

This knowledge and support save our franchisees financially by having the right systems in place and, if utilized, can lead to larger clients and growth faster.

7. On-going Development

The training and development doesn’t stop after your business launches. The Summit Franchise Team gives ongoing training and support to its franchisees with a ‘If YOU are Successful, WE are Successful’ mentality. It is all about ongoing development to tap into your true potential.