Non-Profit & Multi-Housing

We have experience managing multiple buildings, putting in our own resident managers and managing all posted site management activities including the leasing, rental roles and rent collection, proven as highly responsive, dependable, and fully accountable partners.


The safety, accessibility, appearance, and overall management of your commercial property are key elements in the success of your business, and Summit Property Group will ensure those responsibilities are taken care of thoroughly, efficiently, and sustainably.


We recognize the truly distinctive and crucial needs of institutional facilities; our wide range of property and facility management services will ensure building and grounds cleanliness, safety, and efficiency, while minimizing risk and expenses.


The upkeep and maintenance of your residential property is a year-round job. Summit Property Group does all the work for you, with a complete range of services like snow and ice removal, sidewalk de-icing, weed control, aeration, as well as complete seniors services.

Municipal & Government

Over 90% of our business is derived directly from public sector institutions including municipalities, the Province of Alberta and the Canadian Federal Government. As such, we have a keen understanding of the high standards of workmanship and accountability that are required when providing services to publicly funded organizations.

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