The founder of Summit Property Group, Tom Sanderson, started as a resident property manager working as an employee for the city of Calgary. A change in the city’s business model gave Tom an opportunity he hadn’t anticipated, shifting his roll from employee to contractor, and sparking his entrepreneurial spirit. He began taking on several properties, and by the following year, Tom and his team would be managing 20 affordable housing properties for the City of Calgary.

This growth has continued and expanded from affordable housing management to municipal, government and institutional contracts, and a team of 65 employees with three offices managing various properties and multiple services throughout Alberta. Annual revenues have grown from $75,000 to over $7 million, and Summit has successfully developed a proven, sustainable, and recession resistant business model.

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“I identified a niche Government Services market that could grow a successful business that affords a crisis-resistant business, and a sustainable living for employees.”

Tom Sanderson, Founder and President

“Toms leadership has earned Summit Property Group a solid reputation in the industry and with the customers and stakeholders he serves. As business inquiries continue to come in from outside of Alberta, he is ready to embark on the next journey of expanding across Canada.

To grow our business geographically, we are seeking like-minded entrepreneurs to partner with to reach every community across the country. This is the next transforming journey for the brand. Tom says, “Franchising works. People want to be part of something bigger than themselves while still retaining their own independence as entrepreneurs. Owner/operators are the best partners.” READ TOM'S STORY IN BUSINESS IN CALGARY MAGAZINE

We are bigger and better together.

We have a successful customer-centric business with cutting edge processes and systems, pursuing excellence and a high degree of integrity that has become our brand and has led to unprecedented growth and success. Our innovative, results driven organization is committed to helping you achieve your highest potential while maintaining a balance in your life.

I want to create long-term strong relationships with Franchise Partners and would be honored to be part of building your legacy. We are bigger and better together, contact me today to join our team and start your journey to business ownership.

“I want to be able to mentor, help, guide, coach, and provide tools that are going to help you grow your business. There is a real need for our services and opportunity with Summit to expand the brand nationally. Call me to start your journey with Summit property group today!”

Tom Sanderson, Founder and President

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