Leading-Edge Approach

We specialize in non-profit organizations (affordable housing) and government infrastructure including provincial, federal, and municipal entities. As such, we have a keen understanding of the high standards of workmanship and accountability that are required when providing services to publicly funded organizations.

Summit’s senior leaders are held to a high standard of conduct and strict Code of Ethics, bringing a greater understanding of fiduciary duties and responsibilities involved in the maintenance of public properties. This leading-edge approach ensures that Summit has a deeper appreciation for professional property management responsibilities as we provide customers with multiple service verticals.

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One Point of Contact for ALL Asset Management needs.

Choosing a facility management company with a wide range of service offerings allows for a single point of contact for the convenient maintenance of your facilities. We are licensed and bonded to meet municipal standards, and our crews have been trained in the standards and process unique to Summit.

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Continuous Improvement Programs

Fully implemented ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System committed to protecting the local and global environment and to minimize environmental impacts concerning our activities and services.
Continually measuring cost savings against our Social Procurement Policies.
Continually quantifying value-add programs improving your bottom line, focusing on additional targets for efficiency and cost savings.
Measurable programs to help you identify where you can reduce operating costs.
Consistent Safety and Environmental procedures and policies.
National compliance for Federal and Provincial regulatory requirements
Standardized systems, technology, policies and procedures.
National employee and partner certified training programs.
Consistent pricing
Contractor Data & Analysis Management plans
Work with a TPM "one stop shop" service provider
Work with a local business, supported by a multi faceted national Facility management company

Environmental Policy

We take considerable care to adopt environmentally friendly practices, consider community and client expectations, and stay abreast of the most environmentally friendly procedures when managing any area of our business.

Health & Safety Policy

Summit believes that a culture of safety is essential and, as such, we are COR certified and subscribe to regular audits (both external and internal) on our safety programs.

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