5 Advantages of Joining Summit as a Franchise Owner

Joining Summit as a Franchise Owner

Summit Property Group continues to expand nationally and is looking for the right partner(s) to join the franchise team. Here are just five of the incredible advantages you can expect with Summit Property Group’s franchise opportunities.

1. Hands-On Support and Guidance

Venturing into a new business opportunity often means wearing many different hats. Business owners need all the support they can get, whether they’re a newcomer to the industry or you’re seasoned owner-operator of an existing facility management company.

As a Summit Property franchise owner, you receive support and guidance from our experienced team through every aspect of the business. We provide ongoing support to ensure you have the tools necessary to run a successful business. Many resources are available for operational systems, health and safety, branding, marketing, customer outreach, and more.

2. You’re Part of An Already Established, Reputable Brand

Becoming a Summit franchise owner takes the guesswork out of establishing, building, and growing a brand. With over 20 years in the industry, Summit Property Group has successfully built and maintained professional relationships and a strong reputation with Government Agencies.

When you become a franchise owner under the Summit Property Group umbrella, you benefit from being a part of a trusted brand. 

3. You Have the Systems and Processes

Creating systems and processes, finding solutions, and troubleshooting constraints often eat up time and operational costs – especially at the start of a business. As a Summit franchisee, you are given support and guidance on the technical side of the business, including software, health and safety, internal systems, and having the right processes in place.

Our team ensures that you start on the right foot and are set up for success right from the get-go. We’re here to give insight into the best practices that have contributed to Summit’s success and to provide advice on how to handle issues when they arise. You can grow your business faster when you have the right systems and processes in place.

4. Unlimited Growth Potential

Summit Property Group’s success boils down to our business model that taps into unlimited growth potential. By offering total property management for Municipal, Government, commercial and public sector facilities, you provide necessary solutions for essential establishments. Our business model includes Facility Maintenance, Landscape, Snow and Ice, Janitorial, Building Maintenance, Handyman, and more. This means unlimited opportunities for you to grow your business.

5. A Crisis-Resistant Business Model

Last but certainly not least, the Summit Property Group system is crisis-resistant because our facility maintenance services are always in need in any economic condition. Summit has a comprehensive vertical service business model, and our established processes and methodologies are designed specifically for the commercial, municipal and public sectors. They can be applied in any market with any customer.

Find Out If Summit Franchise Ownership Is Right For You

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, want to be your own boss, and have what it takes to become a leader in the industry, we want to hear from you. Contact us today and discuss your next steps as a potential Summit Property franchise owner.