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This system makes it easy to report an incident about workplace issues like reporting and auditing concerns, harassment, theft, substance abuse and unsafe conditions. Click the button below to get started with your report and we’ll ask you a few questions about the incident.

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Whistleblower Hotline



Any affected individual, such as employees, suppliers, customers or the public can communicate anonymously with the Company through the Board of Directors.

The Company has established a toll-free compliance help line (the “Telephone Help Line”) that allow employees, suppliers, customers and shareholders to communicate good faith complaints or reports to the Company that are based on first-hand, direct information or information from another source that the reporting individual reasonably believes to be credible.

Such complaints or reports received through the Telephone Help Line will be brought to the attention of the Chairman of the Board.

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If you would prefer to speak to someone confidentially, call us and you will be directed to Tom Sanderson- Chairman of the Board, who would be happy to assist you.




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Its important we share outstanding workmanship and the IMPACT an empoyee has on how our company is seen in the market place.

Share your experience.

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You have an Impact!


Introducing something new; making changes to something existing or finding a new way to do something. Everyone can innovate, whether it’s finding a better way to perform our activities or providing solutions for customer challenges. We all have the ability to brainstorm new fresh ideas that make Summit unique.


Inspiring and driving a person to act. It’s human nature to want to feel appreciated; we can all help each other by pointing out the good in our teammates. We all win or lose together, so let’s focus on recognition of the good as well as opportunities for improvement.


A powerful or compelling emotion or feeling; a strong fondness, enthusiasm or desire. Passion is so important for winning companies. Caring about what we do, working hard and striving to be the best in our respective areas is critical. Every championship sports team in history has passionate players in each position, and many times passion and desire will trump skill and talent. We all need to show up to be the best we can be.


Being responsible or answerable; able to report, explain or justify an action. Like passion, most winning teams call on each other to be accountable. We should all focus on what we can do to help, rather than focusing on what others need to improve on. All departments can find improvement and can impact our fellow teams. We must be accountable for what we are responsible for.


Sharing thoughts, opinions or information by talking, writing or visual means. Communication is one of the most difficult challenges in growing fast paced companies, however, without communication major issues can arise. We should all try to keep communication in mind as we go throughout our days. There are very few challenges that cannot be solved with proper communication with our teams.


Relying on or placing confidence in the integrity, ability, strength, etc. of someone or something; having confidence or hope. Trust within our teams is another critical value that can make the difference between a strong winning team, versus one that fails. Open and honest communication, and the removal of walls, can expose some of our greatest opportunities to win. The goal should always be to have the team in mind, rather than individualistic priorities.

Report an Incident

If you are facing a life-threatening emergency or believe you are facing the threat of imminent bodily harm, please contact your local police or emergency responders immediately.


You understand and acknowledge that this service is not an emergency hotline, or a substitute for contacting law enforcement.

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Questionable reporting of activities and customer mandatory requirements. Examples may include; deliberate errors related to activity reporting, non- compliance with reporting controls; misrepresentations and false statements to customers, compliance personal and senior management regarding expenses; or deviation from full and fair reporting of the companies reporting to customers and regulatory officers.

Habitually aggressive behavior that involves unwanted, negative actions intended to purposefully hurt, frighten, threaten, or exclude a particular person or group of people. This may include verbal harassment, physical assault, or coercion.

Violations of a rule, regulation, law, operating procedure, past practice or protocol that in any way involves the reporting, accounting or bookkeeping of the company on its business.

Matters related to non-compliance regarding FOIP requirements and the laws, rules, and regulations affecting the organization’s activities and operations.

Any suspected corrupt practices, bribery, or illicit payments, whether foreign or domestic, including providing or offering something of value to induce another person to violate their legal or ethical responsibilities.

The denial of normal privileges or rights to one or more individuals based on an individual's race, color, ancestry, ethnicity, gender (sex), age, religion, national origin, level of education, political affiliation, physical appearance or disability, marital status, or sexual orientation.

An Executive Officer of the Company or management level employee and above in the accounting department has engaged in misconduct, including but not limited to, fraud, falsifying records, sexual harassment or other discrimination, retaliation, intentional violation of controls or governance, misuse of company assets, or other violation of laws

Providing false information on, or making any unauthorized changes to, any financial documentation, reporting information, or documentation presented or relied upon companies reporting records or to report its financial results.

The deceitful practice of obtaining money or property through intentional use of false pretenses, false documents, or misrepresentation. An illegal conversion of assets or property of value to one’s own use.

Unwanted, on-going verbal or physical behavior of an inappropriate nature. The unwarranted threat to cause bodily harm to another person or harm to another person’s property. Examples may include acts of threatening, intimidating, stalking, taunting, gesturing, staring, pestering, hang-up telephone calls, obscene telephone calls, postal mail, or e-mails.

Any form of discrimination involving action(s) against an individual because he or she has either opposed an unlawful employment practice or made a charge, testified, assisted or participated in an investigation, proceeding or hearing involving employment discrimination.

Any workplace condition that potentially compromises the health, safety, and well-being of employees, customers, vendors, or visitors of the organization. Such conditions may include: poor lighting or signage; unstable stacking or storage of materials, product, or equipment; exposure to hazardous materials or contaminants; exposure to excessive noise; lack of protection against weather elements; walkways, floors, or stairways in disrepair; or unnecessary exposure to dangerous machinery. In some cases, such workplace conditions are unlawful.

Unwanted and offensive sexual advances or sexually offensive remarks or acts, especially made by one in a superior or supervisory position or when acquiescence to such behavior is a condition of continued employment, promotion, or satisfactory evaluation. Examples may include unwanted conversation, obscene gestures, comments, jokes, touching of a sexual or lewd nature, staring/leering or whistling.

Side agreements (also called side letters) are undisclosed verbal or written contract terms not included in the signed contract. Examples of side agreements include: extension to payment terms; promises of future discounts or pricing; free or abnormally high discounts on additional products or services; return rights or early termination rights; free upgrades.

Behavior that violates a norm or policy of expected behavior in the workplace, typically directed towards other individuals or to the company.

An employment termination which breaches one or more terms of the condition of employment, company policy, or employment law.

Please use this Incident Type if you do not feel that the provided list of incidents describe the activity on which you are making a report.

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