The Difference Between Facility Maintenance & Property Management

Property Management

While both are responsible for improving and maintaining property standards, there are key differences between facility maintenance and property management. Any misunderstandings between the two can lead to wrong expectations and discrepancies in communication, highlighting the importance of understanding each role closely.

Facility maintenance focuses on the people who use the building and the quality of the services delivered, while property management focuses on the actual ownership and maintaining profitability for the owner. Let’s dive deeper into what facility maintenance and property management encompass.

The Importance of Facility Maintenance

Facility maintenance ensures the cleanliness, safety, and productivity of the property. With regular building maintenance, facility managers can identify potential issues and take corrective measures before the problem becomes a costly repair.

Facility maintenance involves day-to-day tasks and seasonal management, including: 

The Role of Property Management

Like facility managers, property managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the property. However, property management is focused on the ownership of the property and maintaining profitability for owners. Property managers deal directly with potential and existing tenants, hire third-party service providers for professional facility maintenance, and are responsible for overseeing the real estate.

A few of the activities that property managers are responsible for include:

  • Marketing available property space
  • Screening reliable and ideal tenants
  • Overseeing rental collection
  • Managing tenant evictions
  • Inspecting properties and ensuring its safety
  • Carrying out administrative duties

Summit Property Group: A One-Stop-Shop for Facility Maintenance & Management

There are many moving pieces when it comes to maintaining and managing a facility. As a property owner, one of the downsides of dealing with multiple companies for management, maintenance, and repairs is that communication can fall through the cracks and it can be challenging to ensure overall consistency. 

That’s why at Summit Property Group, we believe in having a single point of contact when it comes to facility maintenance and management. We lead the industry in providing full-service, integrated facility solutions for Municipal, Government, commercial, and public sector facilities, including facility management, maintenance, and repairs. 

We operate with a solution-based approach, understanding that each client and property has different needs and priorities. Contact us to learn more about our integrated facility solutions and how Summit Property can improve your property’s safety, comfort, and efficiency.