The Challenges of Opening a New Business in 2024 and How Owning a Franchise Can Help

Opening a New Business blog with Summit Property Group

Starting a new business entails both excitement and challenge. Entrepreneurial success hinges on navigating numerous challenges. Launching a business entails overcoming numerous challenges, from securing financing to building a brand. Owning a franchise can address several challenges faced in starting a business on your own. New business owners frequently find themselves stretched thin, juggling many jobs and responsibilities in the absence of established processes and support systems. This high learning curve can result in costly mistakes, financial pressure, and, regrettably, the collapse of many developing businesses.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of these common challenges when starting a new business and discuss how owning a franchise can help mitigate them, offering a more secure route to business ownership.

Common Challenges in Opening a New Business

Opening a New Business blog with Summit Property Group

1. Financial Uncertainty in New Business

THE PROBLEM: One of the most difficult challenges new business owners encounter is obtaining the required financing for establishing their new new business. Traditional lenders are frequently skeptical of new projects, particularly if the company strategy lacks a track record. New enterprises with no track record of financial performance or an established client base are viewed as high-risk investments, making it difficult to get loans or investment funds. This financial barrier might postpone or even block the launch of a brilliant company idea, preventing potential entrepreneurs from following their aspirations.

FRANCHISE SOLUTION: Franchises frequently have existing links with financial institutions, making it easier for potential franchisees to secure financing. Franchises are considered less risky investments by financial institutions because of their proven business methods and current brand awareness. In addition, several franchisors provide direct financing alternatives, making it easier to get started. These choices may include partial funding, deferred payments, or equipment leasing. Prospective franchisees may access the necessary cash more easily and confidently by using these financial networks and support services, resulting in a smoother and more achievable road to company ownership.

Opening a New Business blog with Summit Property Group

2. Building a Brand

THE PROBLEM: Creating brand recognition and loyalty from beginning takes a huge amount of time, effort, and resources. New enterprises must develop a reputation and set themselves apart from competition. Starting a new business requires the difficult process of developing a brand identity that connects with customers. This process entails generating a distinct value proposition, establishing a consistent and compelling brand messaging, and implementing effective marketing methods for new business.

A new brand may take several years to develop market awareness and trust. Furthermore, new enterprises must compete with existing brands that have a dedicated consumer base, making it even more difficult to gain market share. To establish and sustain brand exposure and reputation, a significant financial commitment in advertising, marketing, and public relations is required.

FRANCHISE SOLUTION: Franchises include an established brand that is widely recognized and trusted by customers. This may greatly minimize the time and expense of developing a brand from the bottom up. Franchising addresses the brand-building problem by providing new company owners with a pre-existing brand that has already gained market recognition and customer trust.

Franchises provide national advertising campaigns, branded materials, and ongoing promotional strategies as part of their comprehensive marketing support, thus alleviating the burden on the franchisee. By utilizing a franchise’s existing customer base and brand recognition, this head start not only saves time and resources but also increases the chances of success.

Opening a New Business blog with Summit Property Group

3. Marketing and Advertising

THE PROBLEM: Creativity, strategy, and substantial investment are all crucial elements of effective marketing. Marketing poses a significant challenge for new businesses, especially startups and small ventures. These businesses struggle to execute successful marketing campaigns due to limited resources and a lack of specialized knowledge.

FRANCHISE SOLUTION: Franchising offers a compelling solution to this challenge. Franchises benefit from the infrastructure provided by the franchisor, which often includes national or regional advertising campaigns funded centrally. These campaigns leverage the collective power of the entire franchise network to increase brand visibility and awareness on a scale that individual businesses might struggle to achieve on their own. It allows new business owners to benefit from an established brand’s collective influence, while franchisors get access to a decentralized network of driven entrepreneurs equipped with the tools and support required to promote local development and success.

Opening a New Business blog with Summit Property Group

4. Supply Chain Management

THE PROBLEM: Establishing dependable supply chains is critical for every organization, but it may be especially difficult for new businesses. Without established connections and logistical know-how, managing the complexity of supply chain management may be difficult. Every stage in the supply chain, from acquiring raw materials to organizing transportation and distribution, poses a risk for beginner businesses. Poor supply chain management may lead to procurement delays, manufacturing interruptions, and issues fulfilling consumer demand, to name a few of the effects. Furthermore, these inefficiencies frequently result in increasing expenses, cutting into earnings and impeding firm growth.

FRANCHISE SOLUTION: Franchises provide an appealing solution to the supply chain management difficulties that new business face. One of the primary benefits of franchising is the ability to access established supply networks and negotiate contracts with suppliers. New business owners can obtain access to a consistent supply of goods and materials at reasonable costs through the franchisor’s network.

Individual franchisees can profit from economies of scale that would be impossible to attain on their own. This not only provides a consistent flow of merchandise, but also reduces the danger of price swings and supply shortages. In essence, franchising offers a complete set of services for supply chain management, allowing new business owners to concentrate on building their business rather than getting bogged down with logistics.

Opening a New Business blog with Summit Property Group

5. Navigating Regulatory Compliance

THE PROBLEM: Starting a new business comes with the daunting task of navigating through a labyrinth of local, state, and federal regulations. These regulations span a wide range of areas, including zoning laws, health and safety standards, employment regulations, tax requirements, and industry-specific regulations. For new business owners, understanding and adhering to these regulations can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to severe consequences such as hefty fines, legal penalties, and even business closure.

FRANCHISE SOLUTION: Franchising offers a compelling solution to the challenges of regulatory compliance for new business owners. Franchisors provide comprehensive support and guidance to franchisees in understanding, interpreting, and adhering to regulatory requirements. ranchisors typically have established processes, documentation, and resources in place to assist franchisees in obtaining the necessary permits, licenses, and approvals. This support streamlines the regulatory compliance process and mitigates the risk of non-compliance.

Furthermore, franchisors often offer training programs and ongoing support to ensure that franchisees understand their compliance obligations and how to fulfill them effectively. This includes educating franchisees about industry-specific regulations, best practices for maintaining compliance, and implementing systems and procedures to monitor and track regulatory requirements.

Opening a New Business blog with Summit Property Group

6. Operational Know-How

THE PROBLEM: New business owners often find themselves navigating uncharted waters, lacking the operational expertise required to steer their ventures toward success. From managing inventory to optimizing workflows, there’s a myriad of tasks demanding attention, and without the right know-how, mistakes can prove costly. Whether it’s overlooking essential processes or mishandling resources, operational inefficiencies can hinder growth and profitability.

FRANCHISE SOLUTION: Franchisors offer a beacon of support amidst the uncertainty of entrepreneurship, providing franchisees with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive. Through comprehensive training programs, franchisees gain invaluable insights into every facet of business operations, from day-to-day management to long-term strategy. Moreover, ongoing support ensures that new business owners have access to guidance and assistance whenever challenges arise. By leveraging the expertise of the franchisor, franchisees can confidently navigate the complexities of business ownership, optimizing operations to drive success.


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