Summit Property Group Receives 2024 Franchisees’ Choice Designation From the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA)

Summit Property Group Receives Franchisees’ Choice Designation

This year, 2024, celebrates the 14th anniversary of the Franchisees’ Choice Designation program, a testament to its enduring relevance in spotlighting outstanding franchise performance across Canada. The designation is particularly noteworthy as it directly reflects the confidence and satisfaction of franchisees within the network – a vital indicator of a franchise’s health and operational success.

April 2024 marks a significant milestone for Summit Property Group as they were honored at the prestigious Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) National Convention in Montreal, Quebec. During an elegant Awards Gala Dinner held on April 8th, Summit Property Group stood out among many, receiving the esteemed Franchisees’ Choice Designation. This prestigious award is no small feat; it highlights the group’s relentless commitment to excellence in the franchising community.

Summit Property Group Receives Franchisees’ Choice Designation

Why This Award Matters?

The Franchisees’ Choice Designees are CFA member franchise brands who voluntarily took part in an independently administered survey. Franchisees were asked to assess their franchisor in key areas of the franchise business model, including the franchisee selection process, franchisee information package, leadership, business planning and marketing, training and support, as well as ongoing operations and the relationship between the franchisor and franchisee. These are critical aspects that potential franchisees consider when choosing a brand to invest in.

The Franchisees’ Choice Designation is not just a trophy that companies can display in their offices. It’s a robust indicator of a franchise system’s integrity, performance, and franchisee satisfaction. To be recognized by this program means that Summit Property Group has demonstrated exceptional leadership, support to its franchisees, and an unwavering commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive franchise environment.

Summit Property Group

What Makes Summit Property Group Stand Out?

At the heart of Summit Property Group’s success is its comprehensive approach to supporting its franchisees. From the outset, franchisees are provided with extensive training and ongoing support, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet their business goals. Marketing and operational guidance from the franchisor also play a crucial role in smoothing out potential challenges in the franchise journey.

In addition, Summit Property Group’s leadership has consistently demonstrated a commitment to transparency and responsiveness, factors that are vital to sustaining a positive franchisor-franchisee relationship. These elements are fundamental to the Franchisees’ Choice Designation and are indicative of Summit’s dedication to excellence and partnership.

Earning the Franchisees’ Choice Designation involves a rigorous evaluation process where franchise systems are judged based on feedback directly from their franchisees. This makes the recognition one of the most genuine endorsements a franchise can receive. For Summit Property Group, the achievement likely stems from their consistent efforts in providing robust support systems for their franchisees, engaging in transparent communication, and ensuring that each franchisee has the tools and resources necessary to succeed.

Looking Ahead: Summit Property Group’s Future

Summit Property Group’s recent achievement of a prestigious designation marks a significant milestone in their journey as a leader in the franchising industry. This award is not only a tribute to their previous accomplishments, but also a solid foundation for future progress. It represents a significant point in the company’s history, leading them into a new era of growth and innovation.

Summit Property Group has always prioritized the success of their franchisees as a central component of their strategy. The goal remains to maintain the high standards that earned them this distinction and to continue fostering a productive and mutually beneficial relationship with their franchisees. This recognition will further encourage the development of franchisee-focused programs, such as improved training resources, better marketing support, and enhanced operational tools. By bolstering their franchisees, Summit not only strengthens its network but also boosts overall brand integrity and market presence.

The recognition as a Franchisees’ Choice Designee is not just an award—it’s a reflection of Summit Property Group’s commitment to excellence and a bright beacon for the future of the franchise. As they continue to expand and innovate, their focus on supporting their franchisees and providing top-notch service remains steadfast, promising a thriving future for all involved.


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